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prenup cons clip

I stumbled upon a nice clip on prenup pros and cons:


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divorcing? no problem will cut the house in 2

this is not a joke. well, at least not my joke.

i read an article named “Bizarre floating ‘prenup house’ can be split in two if a marriage doesn’t work out – letting spouses simply sail away” here

it seems there are house build in a way that makes it possible to disassemble it in case of divorce so each spouse gets half. an actual half…

don’t miss it, read the article (it has picssssss…..)

do we really need postnuptial agreement

couples that didn’t signed a prenup can still get all his  benefits  if they sign a postnauptial agreement.
There are numerous reasons a couple may choose to draw up a postnuptial contract after marriage. The following are a couple of illustrations:

On the off chance that a mate goes into a business with accomplices those accomplices could require the consent to a postnuptial arrangement expressing that the life partner can’t make a case on the business amid separation or because of the companion’s passing.

On the off chance that you and your life partner buy a home with your different property, cash that was belong to you before the marriage, a postnuptial understanding can plot the requirement for that property to keep on being viewed as discrete property rather than a joint resource.

You can likewise utilize a postnuptial consent to shield yourself against unfaithfulness or, further treachery. On the other hand, so far as that is concerned any conjugal issue. In the event that your mate is observed to cheat, you can consent to stay in the marriage taking into account a postnuptial contract that layouts the legally binding results of him/her conning once more.

In the event that you wed somebody with kids and neglect to consent to a prenuptial arrangement, a post-marital contract can deal with issues being referred to, for example, how much a life partner will acquire because of the passing of the other companion. For instance, if there is a will leaving land for example to the offspring of your life partner, a postnuptial understanding will shield you and keep you from growing broke with nothing ought to your mate passes on.

On the off chance that you choose to quit your profession to stay home and bring up the youngsters a postnuptial contract can offer budgetary significant serenity. You will be at a monetary impediment in the wake of being out of the work-power for quite a long while and with the appearance of non-issue divorce laws courts are not requesting mate’s to pay long haul spousal backing after a separation.

Do you always quarrel over the way you spend your money or over whose cash it is? You can put a conclusion to unlimited fights over cash by drawing up a postnuptial understanding that frameworks how cash is spent, who cash has a place with which characterizes a division of a couple’s resources.

A postnuptial understanding can likewise empower you and your life partner to keep records of any advantages, obligations, property or business managing. The contract would characterize what has a place with whom and can help couples if there should arise an occurrence of separation maintain a strategic distance from a large portion of the high-class question that emerge while isolating conjugal property.

prenup – news and feeds

In this page you can find news and feeds on family law subjects

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    Representatives of the federal Judiciary today asked Congress to provide $7.22 billion in fiscal year 2019 to fund continuing operations of the judicial branch. The request includes funding to sustain cybersecurity initiatives and ensure sufficient security at federal courthouses.
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    The daily fee paid to federal jurors will increase for the first time since 1990, private attorneys appointed to represent indigents will receive an hourly rate increase, and the General Services Administration will get $437 million to build three urgently needed courthouse projects, as a result of funding included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018.
  • Judicial Conference Receives Status Report on Workplace Conduct Review
    Nearly 20 reforms and improvements have been implemented or are under development to help address workplace conduct concerns in the federal judiciary, James C. Duff, Chair of the Federal Judiciary Workplace Conduct Working Group, reported today at the biannual meeting of the Judicial Conference.
  • AO Publishes Annual Report and Court Statistics
    The Judiciary confronted many challenges in 2017 that reinforced the importance and value of court employees working together through “a coordinated and unified approach.” That was the message from James C. Duff, the director of the Administrative Office on the U.S. Courts, in his annual report on the activities and the state of business of the U.S. courts published today.
  • Judge Carolyn Dimmick: Women’s Advances in Law Careers Are ‘So Heartening’
    Senior Judge Carolyn Dimmick of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington earned her law degree in 1953 when female lawyers were rare and, so too, were opportunities for them. In honor of Women’s History Month, a new video profile explores the highlights and challenges of Judge Dimmick’s groundbreaking and highly distinguished career.
  • Just the Facts: Consumer Bankruptcy Filings, 2006-2017
    Just the Facts is a feature that highlights issues and trends in the Judiciary based on data collected by the Judiciary Data and Analysis Office (JDAO) of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. 
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    The Litigation Academy, created by the district court in Rhode Island in partnership with a local law school and bar association, is turning a federal courtroom into a classroom for local lawyers to develop courtroom skills.
  • Judiciary Workplace Conduct Group Seeks Law Clerk, Employee Input
    A new mailbox on is available for current and former federal Judiciary law clerks and all other employees to submit comments relating to the federal Judiciary’s policies and procedures for protecting all employees from inappropriate workplace conduct.
  • Massachusetts Supreme Court: Stun Guns Can Be Regulated, Not Banned
    The top court in Massachusetts ruled this week that the state's ban on stun guns and Tasers is unconstitutional. The Massachusetts Supreme Court concluded that stun guns are "arms" under the Second Amendment, and therefore can't be fully banned under state law, but can be regulated under new state......
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    It's a pretty basic concept. You do the work, you get paid for it. In many cases, people don't even really do the work, and they still get paid. But what happens when you hold up your end of the bargain but your employer doesn't? Here are a few tips......
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    Amazon strives to be the most customer-centric company on the planet. But one employee of the mega-retailer is wishing the company took better care of its workers as well. Bryan Hill from Seffner, Florida is suing the online retailer for firing him after he hurt his back on the job......
  • Steve Wynn Sues AP for Defamation Over Rape Allegation Reporting
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  • Why Are Accused Shoplifters Suing Walmart?
    Its creators call it a 'life skills' program that contributes to 'restorative justice.' A California judge called it extortion. And a new lawsuit against the anti-shoplifting course's creators and the retail stores that use it, including Walmart, minced no words: "Defendants are not small-time Mafia thugs. They do not......


would you sign a prenup?

founds this video on you tube. had to put it here. hope you will like it….

let me know…

how it goes with merrige

How many time this same thing happens to couples?


no prenup ha

When are the going to learn?!

every couple should have a prenup….

to prenup or not to prenup this is the Question

n this way, you’re getting hitched. There is such a great amount to do. You need to make the arrangements What’s more, the legal adviser? Shockingly, that ought to be on your schedule.

Actually numerous marriages end in separation or death. In both cases, there are resources for be conveyed. While it is positively unromantic to examine and arrange a prenuptial agreement between the moment of your engagement and the wedding, an understanding can spare a great deal of sorrow and cash when it comes time to circulate those advantages.

Certainly, not everybody needs a prenuptial agreement. The most regularly absolved: a youthful couple getting hitched interestingly, with practically no benefits, why should looking make coexistence and develop their conjugal home starting at the date of their marriage, without desire of expansive legacies or trusts from their families.

In any case, for those sufficiently lucky to come into a marriage with either resources of their own or the desire of benefits from a trust or legacy, a prenuptial agreement is an absolute necessity has. It gives sureness to both sides and insurances that go past the laws representing the division of advantages.

Initial, a prenuptial understanding can shield every mate’s premarital resources from a case by the other life partner in case of death or separation. In many wards, resources that one gathering possessed at the season of marriage aren’t liable to a case by the other life partner in case of separation—however any expansion in the estimation of those benefits amid the marriage might be liable to a case. Additionally, in case of death, regardless of the fact that a gathering doesn’t make an arrangement in his or her will for the life partner, state law likely will concede the companion certain rights to an offer of the decedents home.

At the end of the day, if your premarital bequest is noteworthy, it bodes well to guarantee that your mate will partake in it just as much as you wish if you separation or bite the dust. This is particularly valid in the event that you have youngsters from an earlier relationship whose legacy you need to ensure.

Second, a prenuptial agreement can secure wage and resources procured amid the marriage. Case in point, without a prenuptial agreement, a gathering may have an obligation to pay backing or divorce settlement to the next mate. An understanding can set that sum—or dispose of it—so it isn’t a reason for suit and contention not far off.

Such assurance makes it less demanding for both sides to arrange. It’s especially profitable, say, in the event that one life partner has an enthusiasm for the privately-run company at the season of marriage, or procures extra interests in company The

Doubtlessly that prenuptial transaction can be troublesome inwardly. In any case, the agony created by a monstrous separation where the gatherings are quarreling over resource qualities and conveyance, and divorce settlement, is a great deal more destructive, particularly when youngsters are included. Better to persevere through some distress right off the bat than years of battling not far off.

Instead of debilitate the marriage, as a few pundits propose, a prenuptial agreement can really fortify a marriage, in light of the fact that both life partners completely comprehend where they stand monetarily. Such a comprehension gives life partners some insurance from the obscure—and the advantage of that sureness incredibly exceeds the agony of an “unromantic” dialog before tying the bunch.

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